Dental Services With a New Dental Technology

Laser Dentistry

About Laser Dentistry Treatment

We have recently added a new procedure to our routine cleaning care to help fight dental disease – Laser Dentistry. Laser dentistry is an effective and direct dental procedure that is expected to increase in application over the next few years due to its precision and incredible benefits.

A great feature of laser dentistry is that it minimizes bleeding and bacterial infections. Some of the procedures do not require anesthesia or stitches, and with evolving technological advances, lasers transform difficult procedures into simple ones. Dental lasers can do a lot - from reshaping gum tissue and bone, aiding in the treating of cold sores, to exposing healthier tooth structure to enhance the appearance of your smile. An added benefit to using the laser to treat cold sores is once you have laser treatment the cold sore will never come back in that area again!  The healing time for all of the laser procedures is relatively fast and patients experience less pain as well.  Laser surgery has also been found to be effective in treating Periodontal Disease. The laser decontamination process is painless and normally takes about 5-10 minutes.  We highly recommend that you take advantage of this service as part of your routine cleaning. 


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