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What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance covers a portion of your dental care services expenditure. A dental insurance plan could cover up to 80% of your cost of treatments. However, this cover does not generally extend to cosmetic dental procedures and oral surgeries, unless specified. Dental insurance is popular amongst individuals from all age groups as one may need dental treatments at anytime in life. Also, in lieu of dental insurance, Coral Dental Care, LLC offers a more convenient and affordable option, i.e. the Coral Dental Plans.

What are the types of dental insurance plans?

Dental insurance plans vary from the type of treatments to considering the specific needs of the insured. For example, individual dental insurance plans cater solely to the needs of the insured individual, whereas a family dental insurance plan covers all the members of the family. Also, there are dental insurance plans designed especially to suit the needs of students and senior citizens. For elective procedures like teeth whitening, cosmetic dental insurance plans are the best choice. As the need and importance of dental implants is being recognized, so are the benefits of dental implant insurance plans.

Which is the best dental insurance plan?

Most dental insurance plans allow you to choose a dentist from a pre-approved list, so ensure that your dentist is on the list. There is no such thing as the best dental insurance plan, only the best plan for you. In case of a family dental insurance plan, it must provide cover for your children's dental needs too. At Coral Dental Care, LLC, Massachusetts, we offer Coral Dental Plans that are not only more affordable than the dental insurance plans but are completely hassle-free. With no monthly premiums and third party insurance involved, Coral Dental Plans provide valuable discounts as well as free dental treatments like check-ups, 2 teeth cleanings, and more.

We seek to provide you with not just the finest dental treatment but also the best service possible.

Financing Options:

We offer flexible financing options to our patients. We accept all major credit cards and most insurance plans.

As an added convenience, we will file your insurance claims for you.

At Coral Dental Care, LLC, we accept:

Credit Card - Financing Options

We also accept cash and cheques.

We also offer  Cosmetic Dental Insurance Plan MA financing.

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