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Dental Technology

Dental treatments

Dental treatments restore and maintain oral health. General dental treatments diagnose and cure dental diseases and mouth / jaw disorders. Dental treatments also aim at preventing gum and teeth diseases with various regular treatments like check ups, cleanings, x-rays, and examinations. Some of the common dental treatments include the infamous ‘root canal’ where the internal cavity is cleaned to avoid the infection from spreading. Likewise, the external cavity which exists on the outer edges of a tooth is removed with the help of fillings. These fillings are used to repair broken or damaged teeth. Tooth fillings are cast from gold, silver and ceramics. At Coral Dental Care, LLC, we use tooth-colored fillings, i.e. white fillings, to ensure your teeth look natural. These types of dental treatments help to improve the functionality of teeth, gums as well as the mouth.

Cosmetic dental treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that enhances the aesthetics of your teeth, gum and mouth. Cosmetic dental treatments solely encompass treatments for improving the appearance of your teeth. These treatments include teeth whitening where stained or discolored teeth are bleached to give you a sparkling white smile. However, if a broken or chipped tooth is stopping you from flashing that perfect smile, then opt for the dental bonding treatment to restore or fill gaps in teeth. Dental bonding needs to be replaced in less than a decade, so you can also choose porcelain veneers & crowns as they are stronger, durable, and appear more natural. Other cosmetic dental treatments include gum reshaping and braces; but we practice a more modern method for straightening teeth i.e. invisalign. Invisalign are transparent and removable braces which are more comfortable and less complicated than traditional braces.

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